Stylish, scenic, fastest, biggest and oldest; just someways that Somerset tops the lists (19 to 26 October 2018)

We love living in Somerset because it has some of the most inspiring places you could ever look for. Here’s some proof – if you needed it!

Five places* and achievements that stand out include:

BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN THE UK: Frome Discover Frome rated Frome the most stylish place in the UK and The Times ranked it the best place to live in the South West in 2018. Close to Bath & Bristol, and with so much culture to hand, Frome is doing something right!

MOST SCENIC DRIVE IN THE UK: Cheddar to Ashwick Read more here.

Cheddar Gorge was selected as the most pleasant road in Britain to cruise along, beating the Scottsh Highlands and the Welsh Black Mountains. It’s such a windy road you can’t help keep below the speed limit and marvel at the incredible views around you.

THE WORLD’S FASTEST HELICOPTER: built in Yeovil, flown over Glastonbury Guinness World Records

The speed record for a helicopter is 249.09 mph and was set by John Trevor Eggington, flying over Glastonbury on 11 August 1986 in a Westland Lynx. The Lynx is synonymous with Westlands (now known as Leonardo) which has been an integral part of Yeovil’s industry, and the UK’s military capabilities since 1935.

THE WORLD’S MOST IMPRESSIVE VEGETABLES: Shepton Mallet Guinness World Records

A 23.4kg beetroot. A 4.89kg potato. A 107 centimetre cucumber. These giant vegetables prove something special is in the soil in Shepton Mallet. Imagine the rhubarb! Seriously though, that’s one heck of a salad.


Living locally well before the invention of the automobile (see our second entry to this list), this world famous skeleton is estimated to be 9,100 years old, from the Mesolithic period. He probably had dark skin, blue eyes and dark curly or wavy hair. He was also probably lactose intolerant… no cheese for him then! Cheddar Man is so important that he moved to London.

*we seriously struggled to keep this list down to just five places/achievements. The Telegraph even wrote an article about why Somerset was the most beautiful place in England. As if you need to see why, read the article here. But its no surprise to us!

Maybe you know of some other achievements that have put Somerset up there along with the best? Leave a comment below.

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